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Snippet of the praises for professional jockey Gray.

While enjoying the battlefield of horses, audience also poured their hearts and souls into following their favorite jockeys. This is evident in the May 6, 1905 issue of The Star of Chile, which introduces us to a professional jockey in Santiago, Mr. Gray, who won on three out of his five mounts and gained the public’s admiration. The writer praises him as a man who had the "coolness, judgement, and fair[ness]" to win the races. On the other hand, his ultimate rival, Mr. Michaelis, also accomplished phenomenal victories, winning on four out five mounts in one day at Viña del Mar, making him a man who "will win if his mount has it in him."

The Star’s sports reporter, who used the nom de plume “Pepito,” penned a poem from the racers' perspective, describing what they see and feel amid the heat of the race.

The sporting culture flourished in Chile not only because of its profitability but also due to the bridges it built between communities. Pepito paid homage to this sporting spirit in these lines:

When hearts are bounding high with hope
Or dread that they must borrow,
As forth the champions wend their way
To test their speed to-morrow;

Let all in Fancy drink a toast
Unheeding depth or measure
To Owners, Club, Officials—all-- 
Who 've given this draught of pleasure.

These lines are for lovers of every sport, not only horse racing.


Snippet of the article on Mr. Gray's achievement from Star of Chile, no. 39, May 06, 1905, 4.

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