Horse Racing


From The Star of Chile’s early-20th-century issues, we know that Anglo-Chileans were already active in horse racing and cricket. From its first issue on August 06, 1904, The Star regularly featured racing news. Early issues provided brief overviews of notable races — but as the paper developed, more details were added, which for horse racing included the horses’ names, traits, records, and performances after each race.

For example, The Star of Chile’s Oct 22, 1904 issue describes a race among three competing horses: "Nerri took the lead from the start and maintained it for more than half the distance, where Waldersee took up the running, followed by Omega. Waldersee beating Nerri by half a length; Omega beating a good third.” The "Santiago Horse Racing Club" column listed all races with details about date, the winner, and the prizes.  


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Star of Chile, vol. 1, no. 12 (Valparaiso, Chile), October 22, 1904.

Horse Racing