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Current Research

This page showcases current research projects that draw on the English-language periodicals published in Latin America (both those in the AnglophoneChile Archive and those in other collections).

Please let us know if you'd like to add your publications or work in progress to this page!

Publications by external researchers

Araya Machuca, Lucía, Cárdenas Soto, Jenisse, Escaida Solis, Constanza, Failla Cubillos, Saggia, Martínez Altamirano, Luz, Rojas Madrid, Michela, Soto Blamey, Malva, Arancibia Lagos, Cristián. 2017. The identity of the British inmigrants in Valparaíso in The Star of Chile: (1904-1906). 
Santiago, Chile: Universidad de Chile - Facultad de Filosofía y Humanidades, 2017. [accessed 30 de Marzo 2022].
Thesis, Universidad de Chile. Director: Ana María Burdach.
URL: https://repositorio.uchile.cl/bitstream/handle/2250/148157/The-identity-of-the-british-immigrants-in-Valpara%C3%ADso-in-The-Star-of-Chile.pdf?sequence=1

Publications by the project PIs

Jennifer Hayward & Michelle Prain Brice, “Imagining the Mapuche in the Anglophone Press: Settler colonialism in the Araucania.” Victorian Periodicals Review (2022).

Jennifer Hayward & Michelle Prain Brice, “The British-Chilean Press in Valparaiso: intersectional identities in the contact zone.”  Media History 28:1 special issue, “"Printing News in English Abroad: A Historical Foreign-Language Press Phenomenon." Eds. Bénédicte Deschamps and Stéphanie Prevost (forthcoming 2022).

Jennifer Hayward & Michelle Prain Brice, “The Valparaiso Review: prensa victoriana en movimiento.” Co-Special issue, "Entre lenguas. Revistas, traducciones y redes,” eds. Antonia Viu Bottini and Laura Fernández Cordero Prevost. Universum (Talca) 36:1 (July 2021): 29-48.

Jennifer Hayward & Michelle Prain Brice, “Henry Edward Swinglehurst: A Poet in Valparaíso’s Anglophone Press.” English Studies in Latin America: A Journal of Cultural and Literary Studies 19 (September 2020): 1-33.

Ana María Burdach Rudloff & Jennifer Hayward, “The Star of Chile: Modernity and National Identity in the Contact Zone.” Del aire al aire: Negotiating Space in Latin America. Ed. Patricia Vilches (Brill, 2019): 184-208.

Jennifer Hayward, “Maudlin Profanity and Midnight Debauchery: Infanticide and the Angelito.” Fear and Loathing: Victorian Xenophobia. Eds. Maria Bachman, Heidi Kaufman, and Marlene Tromp (Ohio State University Press, 2013): 124-152.