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List of newspapers published in 19th century Chile

The table below includes all Anglophone newspapers catalogued at the National Library of Chile. In its first phase, this project has digitized five titles, chosen to reflect the Anglophone colony's development over the long nineteenth century: the earliest newspaper, Valparaiso English Mercury (1843); one short-run paper, the Star of Chile (1904-1906); all but the final year of the Valparaiso and West Coast Mail (1867-74); and one magazine, the Valparaiso Review (1894-96).

In the project's second phase, we will digitise the 1874 issues of the Valparaiso and West Coast Mail, as well as the longest-running and arguably the most influential Anglophone newspaper, the Chilian Times (1876-1907).








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Valparaiso English Mercury


The first recorded paper to be published in Valparaíso, out of the printing house of the longest-running newspaper in Chile, El Mercurio.

Original and microfilm, Biblioteca Nacional de Chile.

The Neighbour


Founded and edited by David Trumbull. Monthly.

Original and microfilm, BNC.

Weekly Mercantile Reporter


Published by the proprietors F.M. Corneau and C.W. Brink.

Original and microfilm, BNC.

Valparaíso Mercantile Reporter


From issue no. 15 on, The Weekly Mercantile Reporter is named Valparaiso Mercantile Reporter.  Published by the proprietors F.M. Corneau and C.W. Brink M.D. / El Mercurio Imprint.

Original and microfilm, BNC. (Not every issue has been microfilmed)

Valparaiso Echo


Steamer Edition / Edition Bogota

Original and microfilm, BNC.

Valparaíso Herald


Published by Santos Tornero & Co. Editor Thomas B. Adams (from USA).

Original and microfilm, BNC.

Valparaiso Prices Current & Shipping List


Per Steamer Bogotá. Revised and corrected by Alfred Ward ship and produce broker (no 1, 1853). Semi monthly..

Original, BNC.

The Valparaiso and West Coast Mail


"Patria" printing office. "Published the day before the sailing of each Mail Steamer for the North" (nos. 1 to 22, 1867-68)).

William J. Cox, Office 44, Calle Aduana (from no. 23, 1868). 

Albion Printing Office. Cox & Taylor (from no. 69, 1869).

Albion Printing Office. Cox & Taylor, Calle San Agustín #26 y 28 (from no. 162, 1871).

Original and microfilm, BNC.

The Chilian Times



Weekly/triweekly, Imprenta del Universo de G. Helfmann (Calle san Agustín 51813)

Original and microfilm, BNC.

Western Courier


Published weekly, Proprietor and General Manager C.J. Holm. Agents in Valparaiso (Messrs. Westcott & Co., W. G. Paton & Co., C.O. Bowden, calle Esmeralda), Santiago and all along Chile; London and Glasgow.  P.O. Address Casilla No. 566.

Original and microfilmed, BNC

Star of Chile


L. Westcott (printer at his press, Imprenta Inglesa), Robert H. Reid (Editor; former sub-editor of the Chilian Times and correspondent for the London Times) and M.J. Kean (head of business and literary departments, pen name Pepito).

Original, BNC.

The Anglo-Chilian Times


Founder, owner and editor, William J. Cox (formerly the Chilian Times); ran until his death at age 80 (Somervell, 1982, in Marshall, 28).  Agents: W. G. Paton and J. W. Hardy. Subscriptions in Chile, to Bolivia and other countries.

Original and microfilm, BNC.

The South Pacific Mail


Editor Henry Hill. Transnational circulation and subscriptions in Chile, Peru and Bolivia.

Original and microfilm, BNC.

The Chilian News


Soc. Imprenta Y Litografía UNIVERSO - Valparaíso. Distribution according to subscriptions and rates: Chile, Bolivia, Perú, Grt.Britain and colonies, US and Canada Vol I, no. 1, 1913) Weekly; then fortnightly from 1915; then monthly.

Original and microfilm, BNC.

American World


Editorial Offices: Pasaje Templeman 10, Casilla PO BOX 3135, Cable Address: MERWORLD. English phone 153. Press Office: Imprenta de la Escuela Tipográfica Salesiana.