British Football (Soccer) in Chile

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A screenshot of tips and tricks located on page 12 of this Star of Chile issue

Among the sports first brought to Chile by the colonists was British football. In Valparaíso, citizens observed the casual football matches hosted by many British mercantile houses, and from there, a national passion developed. The Star of Chile’s issue of August 24th, 1904 caters to its readers’ enthusiasm for soccer by providing analysis of recent matches, techniques for ball-handling, discussion of positions, and advice on the qualities and team spirit that soccer players should possess. The article informs football lovers that one of the keys to victory is rapt attention to football's finest points: players seeking improvement must "watch the game with the closest and liveliest attention. Keep up with the game, [and be] keen, quick-witted, and full of an intense desire to anticipate all its moves." 


As it does for horse racing, The Star of Chile provides sport historians with invaluable information about the early network of football associations and clubs in Chile, providing details of the leagues, matches, cups, relationships with other clubs, and referees, as well as specifics on definitions of sportsmanship current in the early 20th century.


A snippet of the complaint letter from a former football player to Star of Chile.

The Star of Chile advocates against events that degrade sport values, such as when crowds mistreat referees, an event mentioned in a letter sent by a professional league player to an issue of The Star of Chile, informing audiences while urging them to uphold the referee’s decisions and play fairly. 


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Football (Soccer) in Chile