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This is a piece of poetry about the plague in Chile. It is taken from the Star of Chile, April 8, 1905, No. 36.

This article asks who is responsible for the outbreak of bubonic plague in Chile. The article is located in the Star of Chile, March 25, 1905, vol. 2, no. 34.

This is the heading of an article on the damage resulting from the Valparaiso earthquake of 1906. The image is located on page 3 of Vol 3, issue No. 105, The Star of Chile, Saturday August 25, 1906.

The image shows a map of Valparaíso after the earthquake of 1906, charting the amount of damage of each region of the city. The image is located on the third page of issue No. 105 The Star of Chile August 25, 1906.

The front cover of The Star of Chile, located on page 1 of the Star of Chile issue no. 47, July 5, 1905.

This advertisement for J. Lumsden Porcelain Enamelled Baths was published in The Star of Chile and states that "their beauty of the appearance of appearance compels a luxurious bathroom at low cost"

The image represents members of the Chilean national football team, Santiago.

The article provides evidence of early twentieth century perspectives on gender roles. It is located in The Star of Chile, Saturday June 02, 1906, Issue No. 94 (p. 8, c. 4).

A hand drawn image of a street in Valparaiso following rumours of "impending bombardment by the Spanish." The image is found on the 8th page of the Star of Chile, November 26, 1904, issue No. 17.

The article provides an example of a regular feature published in most issues of The Star Of Chile and featuring didactic juvenile content. The article is located in The Star of Chile, Saturday, January 28, 1905, issue no. 26 and is conducted by an…
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