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The image is a piece of article talking about Chile's smallpox epidemic and a possible cure proposed by a doctor. The image is located in the Valparaiso and West Coast Mail, issue No. 242, Vol. IV, August 03, 1872.

This article asks who is responsible for the outbreak of bubonic plague in Chile. The article is located in the Star of Chile, March 25, 1905, vol. 2, no. 34.

The article provides evidence of early twentieth century perspectives on gender roles. It is located in The Star of Chile, Saturday June 02, 1906, Issue No. 94 (p. 8, c. 4).

MC0027668 (1).jpg
The image displays a Chilean hospital during the epidemics of smallpox and plague. The image is located on the Memoria Chilena website under the "Public Health in Chile" tab.

plague poetry-1.jpg
This is a piece of poetry about the plague in Chile. It is taken from the Star of Chile, April 8, 1905, No. 36.

This sporting advertisement appeared in The Star of Chile on August 27, 1904 and features an athletic store in Santiago, Chile. The ad's illustration depicts two polo players, demonstrating the symbolic value of horse sports in 19th-century Chile.

The Valparaiso and West Coast Mail July 03, 1868 pg. 7 (B).png
This advertisement for Almacenes Té was published in The Valparaiso and West Coast Mail, and it promotes the great variety and high quality of the teas sold in this establishment

Balfour, Lyon & Co..jpg
This advertisement for Balfour, Lyon & Co. was published in The Star of Chile and it informs that they are importers and manufacturers of machinery for all industries. This ad also includes the word "bodega", showing how, little by little, Spanish…

Bank of Tarapacá.jpg
This advertisement for Bank of Tarapacá & Argentina Ltd. was published in The Star of Chile and promotes their branches all over South America and in some European countries. It "receives deposits, opens current accounts, buys and sells bonds, &c.,…

The Star of Chile, Oct 8 1904. pg. 3 (S).png
This advertisement for Bar Aleman was published in The Star of Chile and it informs about an establishment that offers beer and luncheons, also stating that they are "the best place in the city for sandwiches". This ad also includes Spanish in the…
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