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SportingFriendsatVSC_CricketClub&LawnTennisClubatVSC_Viña del Mar,CHile_c1925_RubyPrain´sAlbum_M.PrainBrice.JPG
The image captures a collection of six black and white photos of people at the Viña del Mar Lawn Tennis Club in Valparaiso, Chile. Under each picture is an English caption.

A picture of an English poem titled Gray's Eulogy describing the heat of a horse race.

The article is about mining. It is located on page 1 of The Star of Chile, December 03, 1904, vol.1, issue No. 18.

This image belongs to the "RH ReachHispanic" Website, posted on September 18, 2018, by Norton Edward.

This image shows the first printing machine in Chile, which printed the "Aurora de Chile" newspaper. The image appears in a Chilean book written by Roberto Hernández, publishing 1930.

The article provides an example of a regular feature published in most issues of The Star Of Chile and featuring didactic juvenile content. The article is located in The Star of Chile, Saturday, January 28, 1905, issue no. 26 and is conducted by an…

A hand drawn image of a street in Valparaiso following rumours of "impending bombardment by the Spanish." The image is found on the 8th page of the Star of Chile, November 26, 1904, issue No. 17.

The article provides evidence of early twentieth century perspectives on gender roles. It is located in The Star of Chile, Saturday June 02, 1906, Issue No. 94 (p. 8, c. 4).

The image represents members of the Chilean national football team, Santiago.

The front cover of The Star of Chile, located on page 1 of the Star of Chile issue no. 47, July 5, 1905.
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